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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards | Park Square Dental Centre | Wetaskiwin Dentist

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Our Wetaskiwin dentists provide mouth guards to help improve and protect your oral health and overall wellbeing, whether at sleep or play.

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Mouth Guards

A mouth guard offers protection to your teeth from damage that can occur while you sleep or during sports activities. As a custom-made dental appliance, a mouth guard tray fits snugly over your teeth. At Park Square Dental Centre, we offer the two types of mouth guards. 

Mouth Guards for Sports

Sports mouth guards protect your teeth from impact during contact activities. If your mouth or teeth are hit, the guard will absorb the impact and distribute it more evenly, reducing the chance of damage to your teeth or sensitive gum tissue.

Mouth Guards for Sleep

For those who grind their teeth or clench their jaws at night, a mouth guard can offer protection. By providing a barrier between them, the guard will cushion your enamel and provide some pain relief.

Mouth Guards | Park Square Dental Centre | Wetaskiwin Dentist

Custom-Fitted Dental Appliances

At our Wetaskiwin dental centre, all of the dental appliances available are custom-made for your smile. 

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